About Equal Health

Equal Health was founded in 1999 to provide free multi-disciplinary health services to people in need in developing countries who would generally not have access to such care. Equal Health has provided thousands of life changing appointments over the past ten years in developing countries like India.

We bring sight to the blind, relief from dental pain and improved health through providing access to health services, which many of the recipients generally wouldn't have. Equal Health's work is made possible by strong working relationships and collaboration with its partner agencies to deliver health care programs.

Equal Health also serves to train and equip the agencies' health care workers with skills and resources to improve the health of their communities on an ongoing basis. Equal Health conducts camps in India annually.

In February 2010, Equal Health provided over 10,000 life changing appointments in various locations throughout India. That's over 470 appointments a day!

There is a problem however, with large crowds attending Equal Health's make shift clinics in remote villages, in community halls or even under the shade of a tree, many people are unable to be treated.

You can help provide life changing appointments. Your support will change lives through providing access to every day health services that most Australians take for granted by: