Management of Equal Health is vested in its Management Committee. All members of the Management Committee volunteer their time and expertise and receive no remuneration. A variety of business/organisational professionals as well as health professionals across the medical, dental, optical and allied health disciplines form the Management Committee. The Management Committee reports to the Executive Committee, which is comprised of the organisation's office bearers.

An independent Auditor audits the organisation's financial reports every financial year as per the requirements under the Western Australian Associations Incorporation Act 1987.


Equal Health does not currently receive Government funding and receives all of its funding through its membership, and private and public sector support.

Equal Health is an AusAID approved organisation governed by established AusAID criteria and has adopted the Australian Council for International Development's code of conduct.

Equal Health is an incorporated body under the Western Australian Associations Incorporation Act 1987 Section (1), since June 1999, and received registration under the Western Australian Charitable Collections Act 1946 in March 2001.

Licence No: CC20400, Equal Health Australian Health Professionals - Overseas Aid Fund Incorporated

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